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Alcohol Detox Los Angeles

Alcohol Detox Los Angeles

At 90210 Recovery, we know that alcoholism is a life-threatening disorder with severe long-term effects. Our alcohol detox in Los Angeles is one of the most extensive and effective rehab protocols you can find.

How to overcome alcoholism

Your first step should be to acknowledge the problem. It’s not easy, but once you’ve achieved that, your journey to recovery has already begun. Next, you need to contact our Los Angeles drug rehabilitation center immediately. There are no relevant DIY techniques that you can try to overcome alcohol addiction safely and effectively.

At our center, we provide all the necessary tools to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety. These include:

  • A peaceful, friendly, and safe environment
  • A sense of community and belonging
  • Advanced physical and mental detox
  • Comprehensive spiritual support and personal development guidance
  • Long-term relapse prevention education, etc.

Since alcoholism is a chronic disorder, you need professional assistance to manage and eventually defeat it. For this reason, we urge you to reach to our Los Angeles alcohol use treatment centers as soon as you can!

What is alcohol detox like?

The detoxification process is a necessary step when it comes to treating alcohol addiction. At our LA CA rehab center, we offer the ideal recovery experience. The system that we’re using comprises of several distinct phases:

  • Initial comprehensive clinical intake – Our experts will assess your medical status and build the recovery strategy based on the results.
  • Medical detox – Based on the substance you’re using, the withdrawal symptoms, and other factors, our clinicians will devise an optimal detox program to fit your medical profile.
  • Dual diagnosis support – At our alcohol detox in Los Angeles, we offer continuous treatment for co-occurring disorders, which will speed up your recovery from addiction.
  • Psychological stabilization and improvement – Our Los Angeles alcohol use therapist offers extensive support for fast and effective mental stabilization. Here we include procedures like psycho-educational groups, family therapy, individual therapy, etc.
  • Extensive physical improvements – Here, we include services like dietary changes, 12-step meetings, chiropractic care, kickboxing and gym sessions, life skills sessions, etc.
  • Spiritual remodeling – Yoga, meditation, creative therapies – these are just some of the strategies we use to help you achieve spiritual growth.

Our addiction and substance abuse treatment in LA also offers leading relapse prevention education to help you maintain sobriety over the years to come.

Become sober again!

We believe that everybody can overcome alcohol addiction under the right circumstances. Our facility offers state-of-the-art amenities, the latest programs in the field, and comprehensive aftercare via our Aftercare & Alumni program. If you want to become sober again and embrace a free, healthier lifestyle, you need our help today.

Contact 90210 Recovery and speak to one of our experts as soon as possible. Our alcohol detox in Los Angeles represents a vital phase in your battle against alcoholism – one that you cannot afford to skip. You can call us at 844-462-8571/ or visit us online for more information about our staff and programs! Make the smart call and allow us to help you!

Alcohol Detox Los Angeles
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