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Assisted Living Omaha NE

Assisted Living Omaha NE

Assisted living facilities allow older adults to continue living independently while receiving assistance for everyday activities. This setting is a good option when relatives are unable to provide the necessary daily assistance. While hiring an in-home caregiver can sort this out, assisted living comes with social benefits great for your loved one’s well-being. In Omaha, NE, assisted living centers are different in terms of the level of care provided. The key to finding the perfect one is considering your close family member’s special needs and the activities they’re interested in.

At Via Christe, we provide premier assisted living in Omaha NE to active older adults with varying care needs. We have an environment where our residents can be as independent as possible while receiving all the care they require.

FAQs About Our Assisted Living Program

At Via Christe, we stand out from other assisted living facilities in Omaha because we provide a higher level of care not usually found in such centers. Here are answers to questions we get about our programs to enable you to understand what we do better:

What Does Your Assisted Living Program Entail?

Our assisted living options in Omaha include memory and respite care. We provide memory care on two floors, where we offer 24/7 assistance to residents with dementia, including Alzheimer’s. This program is also suitable for residents requiring early onset memory support. It involves activities developed for dementia patients in addition to a support group for their families.

For our respite care program, we cater to seniors who need specialized care after staying in hospital and before they go back home. Here, our residents receive round-the-clock medical support to aid their recovery in a home-like environment.

Our program also includes nutritional care, whereby we provide home-cooked meals fit for seniors. We offer foods that are in season and allow our guests to choose from a diverse daily menu.

What Kind of Personal Assistance Do You Offer?

Since we host guests with medical needs, our personal assistance goes beyond board and housekeeping. We have specialized staff who aid in developing highly individualized care plans for each resident based on their needs. Our care services include:

  • 24/7 medical support
  • Apartment maintenance
  • Laundry
  • Home-cooked meals
  • Weekly housekeeping

Who is Your Assisted Living Program Suitable For?

Our program is made for seniors who can live independently with a certain degree of assistance. It’s fit for older adults who require medical care but don’t fit the criteria for joining nursing homes, where residents are unable to carry on with their daily activities without maximum support. We also have private apartments for guests with dementia.

Assisted Living with a Difference

If you’re searching for the finest assisted living and nursing homes in Omaha, Nebraska, where your elderly relative can receive the care they need, we are here for you. At Via Christe, we offer the finest assisted living in Omaha NE, to seniors with different personal and medical care needs. There are several assisted living types, and we can help you identify the ideal one for your loved one. Contact Via Christe Assisted Living Community; Learn more: 402-551-5557. Take a virtual tour: us online.

Assisted Living Omaha NE
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Assisted Living Omaha NE
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