Home Health Agency Ventura

Home Health Agency Ventura

Home health care entails medical, clinical supervision delivered by a licensed professional, usually through in-home health agencies. A doctor often prescribes this kind of care as part of an older adult's care regimen after injury or hospitalization. It can include wound care, medical tests, occupational and physical therapy, administration of prescription shots or medications, and health status monitoring. At Help Unlimited, we’re a home health agency in Ventura dedicated to providing unsurpassed standards of excellence through respect, compassion, and care.

Paying for Home Health Services

Older adults recently discharged from a nursing facility, rehabilitation, or a hospital stay can benefit from home health. Home health is also suitable for seniors whose fragile health prevents them from getting to and from the doctor's office safely.

Loved ones experiencing overall function decline could benefit from physical or occupational therapy to regain their independence. Additionally, beloved family members who require monitoring after medication change could use home health services.

Many older adults and their families find it challenging to cover the cost of care. Fortunately, there are various options for financial assistance available to lessen the burden.


Medicaid covers f in-home care costs for older adults who qualify. To be eligible for Medicaid coverage, seniors have to meet the requirements for financial as well as medical needs. In some instances, a medical evaluation will be required to show that the older adult needs such a level of care.

Private Insurance

There are instances where private insurance can cover some of the costs of home care. Usually, this applies to individuals with long-term care insurance. This type of insurance covers senior care, in-home care included. Long-term care insurance coverage varies depending on various factors such as the particular policy and insurance carrier. Typically, purchasing long-term care insurance isn’t an option if you already require care. But if it is, the policy won’t cover a lot.


This option doesn’t cover standard home care that includes personal care assistance and companion care services. However, it covers in-home health care if the senior meets several requirements. To qualify for Medicare for home health care, the older adult must:

  • Have a certification from a physician indicating the patient is homebound, needs skilled nursing care or therapy services.
  • Seek care from a Medicare-certified provider.
  • Be under a doctor's care and in a home health care plan created and regularly reviewed by a doctor.

Although personal care services are not covered under Medicare, these services will be covered if they are delivered together with therapy or nursing services from a Medicare-certified home health agency.

In-Home Health Care in Ventura

At Help Unlimited, we're a home health agency in Ventura. We offer professional, compassionate in-home health care that is personalized to meet the needs of your beloved family member. You're guaranteed that with us, your loved one will be comfortable, safe, and well taken care of. To understand how we can assist your senior loved one to continue living a quality, independent life, call us today on 805.962.4646.

Home Health Agency Ventura

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